Vegetable Prices Soar Across Haryana, Punjab After Rains

The supply of many vegetables has been affected after heavy monsoon rains in the two states.


Prices of vegetables like peas and cauliflower have surged sharply over the last one week in Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh owing to a supply crunch caused by recent heavy rains in the region, traders said on Monday.

Retail prices of peas have risen sharply to nearly Rs 250 per kg from Rs 130-150 per kg, while that of tomatoes rose from Rs 40 per kg to Rs 60 per kg, they said.

The supply of many vegetables has been affected after heavy monsoon rains in the two states and some neighbouring states, including Himachal Pradesh.

Retail prices of other vegetables like beans and cucumber have also increased and their current prices hovering around Rs 100-110 per kg and Rs 50-60 per kg, respectively.

Cauliflower was selling at around Rs 100-120 per kg from Rs 70-80 per kg earlier.

Bitter gourd was selling in the range of Rs 80 per kg against Rs 60 per kg earlier.

Carrot prices have gone up from Rs 50 per kg to Rs 60-70 per kg, while bottle gourds have risen from Rs 40 per kg to Rs 50-60 per kg now.

Radish prices have gone up from around Rs 40 per kg earlier to Rs 60-80 per kg.

Lemon prices have also increased to Rs 40 per 250 grams from Rs 25-30 earlier.

Coriander prices have also increased from Rs 20 per 100 gram earlier to Rs 30, while prices of chillies have also gone up, traders said.

However, traders said there was not much change in the prices of onion, potato and fruits, such as apple, pear and banana.

The vegetable prices are likely to stabilise after a few days once the weather holds, a trader said here. 

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