Are you eligible for salary under ‘AYUSH Yojana’? Message is fake, says govt

Often people receive a text message informing them of a ‘job opportunity’ with a company. While in some cases receivers are asked to pay some fees, in others, they are asked to clink on a link to register themselves for the said ‘opportunity’.

In most cases, it is apparent that the SMS is fake. However, some people do end up falling prey to such messages. Now, a similar SMS is doing the round these days, informing the receiver that they have been approved for ‘salary’ from ‘government-approved AYUSH Yojana’; now, the Union government has clarified that the message, in fact, is fake.

“A text message is being circulated with a claim that monthly monetary compensations are being provided under government approved ‘AYUSH Yojana’. This message is #Fake. Government of India is not running any such scheme,” PIB Fact Check, the Union government’s official Twitter handle to dispel misinformation on government policies and schemes, stated.

The debunked SMS informed the receiver that they will get a salary of 78,856 per month, adding that the eligibility income is 50,000 per month.

You too can visit the PIB Fact Check Twitter handle to verify the authenticity of any piece of news that you think may be ‘fake’.

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